Damien Thévenin

Damien Thévenin
Assistant Professor
Mudd 696

Research Interests:

Biochemistry, membrane protein biophysics and drug delivery.

Teaching Interests: 


Recent Publications:

Li N, Yin L, Thévenin D, Yamada Y, Limmon G, Chen J, Chow VTK, Engelman DM and Engelward B. (2013) Peptide targeting and imaging of damaged lung tissue un influenza-infected mouse. Future Microbiology 8, 257-269

Thévenin D and Lazarova T. (2011) Book Chapter: Measuring transmembrane helix interactions by Förster resonance energy transfer. Methods in Molecular Biology (Eds.Vaidehi N and Klein-Seetharaman J).

Matthews EE, Thévenin D*, Rogers JM, Gotow L, Lira PD, Reiter LA, Brissette WH, and Engelman, DM. (2011) Transmembrane helix dimerization and rotation in signaling by thethrombopoietin receptor. FASEB Journal

Thévenin D, An M and Engelman, DM. (2009) pHLIP-mediated translocation of membraneimpermeable molecules into cells. Chemistry & Biology 16(7) 754-62.

Thévenin D, Lazarova T (2008) Stable interactions between transmembrane domains of the adenosine A2A receptor. Protein Science 17, 1188-1199

Thévenin D, Lazarova T, Roberts M and Robinson CR (2005) Oligomerization of the fifth transmembrane domain from the adenosine A2A receptor. Protein Science 14(8) 2177-2186

Thévenin D, Lazarova T, Roberts M and Robinson CR (2005) Identifying interactions between transmembrane helices from the adenosine A2A receptor. Biochemistry 44, 16239-16245.

*Co-first author