Chemistry connects the physical sciences with life sciences and applied sciences. It is at the heart of solving a broad range of critical scientific problems in fields like energy, catalysis, drug design, and materials development and production.


Graduate students in Chemistry work closely with faculty to carry out cutting-edge research that advances current understanding and knowledge in a broad spectrum of chemical problems.


“The chemistry background you need; the flexibility you desire.” The department enables students to customize their academic background for the career they wish to pursue.

Upcoming Events

Professor Hamann of Albright College will present: Intrinsic Chemistry of Sesquiterpenes: Useful for Predicting Their Enzyme-Bound and Solution-Phase Behavior? Sesquiterpene (15-carbon hydrocarbon) molecules comprise a sub-class of secondary...
Professor Skrydstrup of Aarhus University in Denmark will present: "Applications of Organometallic Chemistry for Carbon Isotope Labeling" Documented distribution, metabolism, and toxicity investigations of new drug candidates administered...
Professor Kristin Wustholz of the College of William and Mary will present: "Elucidating the Excited-State Dynamics of Eosin Y Photosensitizers using Single-Molecule Spectroscopy" Dye-sensitized photocatalysis (DSP) is a promising strategy...