Heindel, Ned 2017

In addition to the patent reported in our Spring 2016 newsletter, Dr. Heindel’s research group has recently been issued two more patents and one published provisional patent for their work in new pharmaceutical development.

The patents are "Augmenting Moieties for AntiInflammatory Compounds," U.S. Patent 9,512,068 (2016); and "Vanilloid Fatty Hydroxamates as Antiinflammatory Pharmaceuticals," U.S. Patent 9,422,233 (2016). A provisional patent "Unique Dual-Action Therapeutics," 2017-0143836 was published 25 May 2017. The co-inventors on these disclosures are C. Jeffrey Lacey, Sherri Young, Robert D. Rapp, and Christophe Guillon.


Professor Ned Heindel

Issue Date: 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017