Professor Ned Heindel- Spring 2017

Supported by a grant from the Teagle Foundation, six faculty from the private colleges of the LVAIC consortium just completed the creation of a team-taught online course, “Topics in Modern Drug Discovery.”  This new course, constructed as a set of 27 modules, covers the science and the regulatory hurdles for developing biologically active small-molecules and proteins into commercial drugs.  It covers concept to clinic to marketplace for more than a dozen types of therapeutics and includes modules on process R&D, on dosage form optimization, and on intellectual property as well as on the more traditional organic chemistry of preparing pharmaceuticals.  Each module is self-contained and consists of readings (PDF files and links to web-based information), a video lecture, self-study questions, and learning objectives.   Each faculty contributor developed particular modules reflecting his/her specialty areas.  The course had the services of a graphic designer to create visually attractive Powerpoints; a closed-caption version is available for the hearing impaired. Rights to the course are owned by the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent College and Universities. All six colleges are using it in whole or as modules in their curricula.


Professor Ned Heindel

Issue Date: 

Friday, December 30, 2016