Robert Syvret

Research Fellow



As announced on the College of Arts and Sciences online news update, Lehigh University has accepted Electronic Fluorocarbons (EFC) for participation in the Industrial Liaison program at the Lehigh Chemistry Department. In addition, the University has appointed EFC’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Robert Syvret, as a University Research Fellow.

“We are grateful to Lehigh . . . and anticipate a fruitful collaboration between our research staff and the staff and students of Lehigh.”

The Industrial Liaison program gives industry members access to the University’s laboratories and other support services, and encourages scientific interactions between the University staff and students and the industrial participant.

As part of this program, EFC will occupy a research laboratory in the Chemistry Department and have access to the University’s analytical equipment to support the fundamental science behind EFC’s development of new materials, including rare and electronic specialty gases, using advanced fluorine chemistry and purification techniques.

EFC is taking a leadership role in the development, chemical synthesis and commercial manufacturing of new materials, with an emphasis on electronics applications. Electronic Fluorocarbons offers the latest technology for purification and analysis of specialty and rare gases for the medical, electronics, and semiconductor manufacturing industries, among others. “We are grateful to Lehigh for admitting EFC to the Industrial Liaison program and are anticipating a fruitful collaboration between our research staff and the staff and students of Lehigh” says Syvret. Recently named a Fellow of the American Chemical Society, Syvret has over 75 patents, publications and conference presentations and 30+ years of experience in industrial fluorine chemistry. Dr. Syvret has already brought CTO’s from Wonik through the Department to show them our facilities. Wonik is a major supplier to Samsung.

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