Vezenov, Dmitri 2017

The Vezenov Research Group has reported findings on interactions in soft matter systems in two papers:

Selivanova, N.M.; Sautina, N.V.; Vezenov, D.V.; Stoyanov, O. V. and Galyametdinov, Y.G. “Evaluation of Interactions Between Liquid Crystal Films and Silane Monolayers by Atomic Force Microscopy” Journal of Molecular Liquids 2017, 230, 574-578.

Starostina, I.A.; Sautina, N.V.; Nguen, D.A.; Galyametdinov, Y.G.; Stoyanov, O.V. and Vezenov, D.V. “Prospects of the Evaluation of Adhesive Interaction Via Chemical Force Microscopy” Polymer Science (Series D) 2017, 10-2, 111-114.


Professor Dmitri Vezenov

Issue Date: 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017