Core Faculty

Name Position Email Interests
Chen, Mark Assistant Professor Electroactive Organic Materials
Ferguson, Greg Professor Surface and nanomaterials chemistry of metals, semiconductors and polymers
Fernandez, Suzanne Professor of Practice, Director of Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry
Flowers , Robert Professor, Deputy Provost for Faculty Affairs, Danser Distinguished Faculty Chair Lanthanide chemistry, single electron transfer, catalysis and protein refolding
Glover, Jebrell Associate Professor, Graduate Advising Director, Advisor to Undergraduate Biochemistry Majors Biochemistry and biophysical chemistry of membrane proteins
Heindel, Ned Howard S. Bunn Distinguished Professor of Chemistry Drug-receptor interactions and structure-properties of furocoumarin
Ho, Andy Professor of Practice, Director of General Chemistry Chemical education and physical chemistry
Landskron, Kai Associate Professor, Graduate Admissions Director Inorganic chemistry, material science, solid state chemistry and nanosciences
Miller, Rebecca Professor of Practice, College of Arts and Sciences Non Major Adviser General chemistry, general chemistry labs and studio chemistry
Niedbala, R. Adjunct Professor Technologies useful in developing applications in clinical medicine
Pires, Marcos Assistant Professor, Advisor to Undergraduate Biochemistry Majors Protein oligomerization, biomaterials and multidrug resistance
Regen, Steven University Distinguished Professor Supramolecular chemistry applied to problems in materials science, biology and medicine
Roberts, James Associate Professor, Associate Chairman, Advisor to Undergraduate Chemistry Majors Solid state and solution state NMR techniques applied to polymer andmaterial science problems
Simon, John Professor, Lehigh University President Biophysics, human pigmentation, Jurassic melanin
Thévenin , Damien Assistant Professor, Advisor to Undergraduate Biochemistry Majors Biochemistry, membrane protein biophysics and drug delivery
Vezenov, Dmitri Associate Professor Bionanophotonics, analytical microdevices, nanomaterials, chemical force microscopy
Vicic, David Professor and Chairman Organic, Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry
Wittenberg, Nathan Assistant Professor Analytical chemistry, biosensors, biointerfacial chemistry, electrochemistry, neurodegenerative diseases
Xu, Xiaoji Assistant Professor Spectroscopic studies of nanostructured polymers and energy-related materials, as well as technique development
Young, Elizabeth Assistant Professor Physical Chemistry, Photochemistry, Physical Chemistry Lab, General Chemistry