Faculty Research Spotlight

David Vicic has given invited lectures at Brown University, NYU, University of Rochester and University of Cincinnati.  He also presented an invited talk at the 251st ACS Meeting in San Diego.  David attended a symposium for Samir Zard’s 60th birthday, held at L’Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau, France.  David worked as an undergraduate researcher in Sam’s lab the summer before entering graduate school in 1994.  David co-authored the following articles:

“Accessing Perfluoroalkyl...

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The Vezenov group has co-authored papers “Specifics of selective wetting of some metal substrates and their oxides” in the Polymer Research Journal and, in collaboration with Pires group, “Metabolic-based profiling of bacteria via unnatural C-terminated D-amino acids” in Angewandte Chemie International Edition.

Damien Thévenin published a research article in the Biochemical Journal, “Down-regulation of PAR1 activity with a pHLIP-based allosteric antagonist induces cancer cell death” and Kelly Burns (Biochem J. 2015, 472(3), 287–95).  The research group has two additional articles out for review. Their research efforts were featured in Lehigh Fall 2015 Bulletin, as well as in the...

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served on seven Lehigh committees this year and was original founder and current chair of the Undergraduate Research Symposium held in April. He was assisted in presenting the symposium by the AXE chemistry fraternity.

received the Student Organization Advisor of the Year Award for his work as Faculty Advisor to Alpha Phi Omega, a coed, nonresidential service fraternity. The fraternity was founded on the principles of the Boy Scouts, and is officially recognized by the Boy Scouts of America. Lydia Hunt (the current President) nominated Jim for the award. Jim has completed the development of the Advanced Laboratory Class (CHM 334/335) with its completely modified laboratory space and upgrading of...

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The Regen group has published the following publications:

Yi, S.; Lin, C.; Regen, S. L. “Splaying Hyperthin Polyelectrolyte Multilayers To Increase Their Gas Permeability”, Chem. Commun. 2015, 51, 1439-1441.

Wang, C.; Krause, M. R.; Regen, S.L., “Push and Pull Forces in Lipid Raft Formation: The Push Can Be As Important As the Pull”, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2015, 137, 664-666.

Mukai, M.; Krause, M. R.; Regen, S. L. “Peptide...

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Marcos Pires continues to leverage the synthetic organic skills of his research team to elucidate critical steps in the biosynthesis of bacterial cell walls and to construct a novel immuno-therapy for bacterial infections.  Marcos has been busy promoting his research program by giving seminars at Syracuse University, SUNY – Stony Brook, Rutgers University, University of Delaware, Purdue University, and Penn State University.  He recently attended an NSF CAREER Workshop in which he was able...

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Recent publications by the Landskron group include:

“Experimental and theoretical investigation of a mesoporous Kx WO3 material having superior mechanical strength” Dey, S.; Anderson, S.T.; Mayanovic, R.A.; Sakidja, R.; Landskron, K.; Kokoszka, B.; Mandal, M.; Wang, Z.W. Nanoscale 2016, 8, 2937-2943.

“A high-pressure synthesis of hydrothermally stable periodic mesoporous crystalline aluminosilica materials” Mandal, M.; Manchanda, A.S.; Liu, C.; Fei, Y....

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Spring of 2016 has proven to be a fruitful time for Heather Jaeger.  With the establishment of computing resources and the addition of a group member, the first set of data suitable for publication is being generated.  In addition to her group’s effort to characterize electronic properties of exotic polymers, she has joined in a collaborative effort to investigate ion transport in 2D-layered materials.  She has also developed a course on computational chemistry, complete with computational...

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Ned D. Heindel, research scientists Christophe Guillon, Geraldine Guillon, Robert Rapp and former graduate students Angela Hunter and Thomas Finetti are co-inventors on a U. S. Patent (# 9,290,484) issued March 22, 2016. The patent is entitled “Furyl and Thienyl Triazoles and Therapeutic Uses Thereof” claims composition of matter, process, and utility of N-aminotriazole imines as anti-bacterial pharmaceuticals for treatment of toxic shock syndrome.