Damien Thévenin

Damien Thévenin
Assistant Professor
Advisor to Undergraduate Biochemistry Majors
Seeley G. Mudd, Room 696
(610) 758-3642

Research Interests:

Biochemistry, membrane protein biophysics and drug delivery.

Teaching Interests: 


Recent Publications:

Burns K, Robinson M, Thévenin D. Inhibition of Cancer Cell Proliferation and Breast Tumor Targeting of pHLIP-Monomethyl Auristatin E Conjugates. ACS Molecular Pharmaceutics (response to reviewer’s comments submitted).

Li N, Yin L, Thévenin D, Yamada Y, Limmon G, Chen J, Chow VTK, Engelman DM and Engelward B. (2013) Peptide targeting and imaging of damaged lung tissue un influenza-infected mouse. Future Microbiology 8, 257-269.

Thévenin D and Lazarova T. (2011) Book Chapter: Measuring transmembrane helix interactions by Förster resonance energy transfer. Methods in Molecular Biology (Eds.Vaidehi N and Klein-Seetharaman J).

Matthews EE, Thévenin D*, Rogers JM, Gotow L, Lira PD, Reiter LA, Brissette WH, and Engelman, DM. (2011) Transmembrane helix dimerization and rotation in signaling by thethrombopoietin receptor. FASEB Journal.

Thévenin D, An M and Engelman, DM. (2009) pHLIP-mediated translocation of membraneimpermeable molecules into cells. Chemistry & Biology 16(7) 754-62.

Thévenin D, Lazarova T (2008) Stable interactions between transmembrane domains of the adenosine A2A receptor. Protein Science 17, 1188-1199.

Thévenin D, Lazarova T, Roberts M and Robinson CR (2005) Oligomerization of the fifth transmembrane domain from the adenosine A2A receptor. Protein Science 14(8) 2177-2186.

Thévenin D, Lazarova T, Roberts M and Robinson CR (2005) Identifying interactions between transmembrane helices from the adenosine A2A receptor. Biochemistry 44, 16239-16245.

*Co-first author