Jebrell Glover

Associate Professor
Graduate Advising Director
Advisor to Undergraduate Biochemistry Majors
Seeley G. Mudd, Room 612
(610) 758-5081

Research Interests:

Our broad interests lie in addressing the fundamental questions surrounding the interactions of lipid bilayers with proteins. Using various biophysical techniques namely NMR and analytical ultracentrifugation, we aim to understand the behavior of proteins in the lipid milieu on a molecular level. Our research capitalizes on the use of bicelles, a "native-like" membrane mimic which has great potential to overcome some of the hurdles that have limited the study of membrane proteins.

Teaching Interests:

Biochemistry and biophysical chemistry

Selected Publications:

Mohanty, P.; Lee, J.; Glover, K. J.; Landskron, K., Discoid Bicelles as Efficient Templates for Pillared Lamellar Periodic Mesoporous Silicas at pH 7 and Ultrafast Reaction Times. Nanoscale Res Lett 2010, 6, (1), 61.

Lee J., Glover K. J., The transmembrane domain of caveolin-1 exhibits a helixbreak-helix structure. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2012, 1818, (5), 1158-1164.

Rieth M.D., Lee J., Glover K. J. Probing the Caveolin-1 P132L Mutant: Critical Insights into Its Oligomeric Behavior and Structure. Biochemistry. 2012, 51, (18), 3911-3918.

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Diefenderfer C., Lee J., Mlyanarski S., Guo Y., Glover K. J., Reliable expression and purification of highly insoluble transmembrane domains.  Anal Biochem. 2009, 384, (2), 274-8. 

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Glover, K. J.; Weerapana, E.; Chen, M. M.; Imperiali, B., Direct biochemical evidence for the utilization of UDP-bacillosamine by PglC, an essential glycosyl-1-phosphate transferase in the Campylobacter jejuni N-linked glycosylation pathway. Biochemistry 2006 , 45, (16), 5343-5350.

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Glover, K. J.; Whiles, J. A.; Vold, R. R.; Melacini, G., Position of Residues in Transmembrane Peptides with Respect to the Lipid Bilayer: A Combined Lipid NOEs and Water Chemical Exchange Approach in Phospholipid Bicelles. J. Biomol. NMR 2002, 22, (1), 57-64.