Nathan Wittenberg

Assistant Professor
Seeley G. Mudd, Room 694
(610) 758-3357

Research and Teaching Interests:

Analytical chemistry, biosensors, biointerfacial chemistry, electrochemistry, neurodegenerative diseases

Selected Recent Publications:

"Continuity of Monolayer-Bilayer Junctions for Localization of Lipid Raft Microdomains in Model Membranes" Y-S. Ryu, N.J. Wittenberg, J-H. Suh, S-W. Lee, Y. Sohn, S-H. Oh, A.N. Parikh, S-D. Lee. Scientific Reports 2016, 6, 26823.

"Template-Stripped Multifunctional Wedge and Pyramid Arrays for Magnetic Nanofocusing and Optical Sensing" S. Kumar, T.W. Johnson, C.K. Wood, T. Qu, N.J. Wittenberg, L.M. Otto, J. Shaver, N.J. Long, R.H. Victora, J.B. Edel, S-H. Oh.  ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 2016, 8, 9319 – 9326.

"Plasmonic Nanohole Sensor for Capturing Single Virus-Like Particles towards Virucidal Drug Evaluation" J.A. Jackman, E. Linardy, J. Seo, W.B. Ng, D. Yoo, D.J. Klemme, N.J. Wittenberg, S-H. Oh, N.J. Cho. Small 2016, 12, 1159 – 1166.

"Infrared Plasmonic Biosensor for Real-Time and Label-Free Monitoring of Lipid Membranes" O. Limaj, D. Etezadi, N.J. Wittenberg, D. Rodrigo, D. Yoo, S-H. Oh, H. Altug. Nano Letters 2016, 16, 1502 – 1508. 

"Dielectrophoresis-Assisted Raman Spectroscopy of Intravesicular Analytes on Metallic Pyramids" A. Barik, S. Cherukulappurath, N.J. Wittenberg, T.W. Johnson, S-H. Oh.  Analytical Chemistry 2016, 88, 1704 – 1710. 

"Nanohole Array-directed Trapping of Mammalian Mitochondria Enabling Single Organelle Analysis" S. Kumar, G.G. Wolken, N.J. Wittenberg, E.A. Arriaga, S-H. Oh.  Analytical Chemistry 2015, 87, 11973 – 11977. 

"A Human Natural IgM that Binds to Gangliosides is Therapeutic in Murine Models of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis"  X. Xu, A. Denic, L.R. Jordan, N.J. Wittenberg, A.E. Warrington, B. Wootla, M. Painter, J.O. Watzlawik, L.M. Papke, L.J. Zoecklein, D. Yoo, J. Shaver, S-H. Oh, L. Pease, M. Rodriguez. Disease Models & Mechanisms 2015, 8, 831 – 842. 

"Lipid Membrane Deformation Accompanied by Disk-to-Ring Shape Transformations of Cholesterol-Rich Domains" Y-S. Ryu, D. Yoo, N.J. Wittenberg, L.R. Jordan, S-D. Lee, A.N. Parikh, S-H. Oh. J Am Chem Soc 2015, 137, 8692 – 8695. 

"Reconstituting Ring-Rafts in Bud-Mimicking Topography of Model Membranes" Y-S. Ryu, I-H. Lee, J-H. Suh, S.C. Park, S. Oh, L.R. Jordan, N.J. Wittenberg, S-H. Oh, N.L. Jeon, B. Lee, A.N. Parikh, S-D. Lee. Nature Communications 2014, 5, 4507.

"A patterned recombinant human IgM guides neurite outgrowth of CNS neurons" X. Xu, N.J. Wittenberg, L.R. Jordan, S. Kumar, J.O. Watzlawik, A.E. Warrington, S-H. Oh, M. Rodriguez. Scientific Reports 2013, 3, 2267. 

"High density arrays of sub-micron spherical supported lipid bilayers" N.J. Wittenberg, T.W. Johnson, S-H. Oh.  Analytical Chemistry 2012, 84, 8207 – 8213. 

"High-affinity binding of remyelinating natural autoantibodies to myelin-mimicking lipid bilayers revealed by nanohole surface plasmon resonance" N.J. Wittenberg, H. Im, X. Xu, B. Wootla, J. Watzlawik, A.E. Warrington, M. Rodriguez, S-H. Oh.  Analytical Chemistry 2012 84, 6031 – 6039. 

"Facile assembly of micro- and nanoarrays for sensing with natural cell membranes" N.J. Wittenberg, H. Im, T.W. Johnson, X. Xu, A.E. Warrington, M. Rodriguez, S-H. Oh.  ACS Nano 2011 5, 7555 – 7564.