Wonpil Im

Presidential Endowed Chair in Health, Science and Engineering
Iacocca Hall, Room D219
(610) 758-4524

Research Interests:

Research in our group is focused on the applications of theoretical/computational methods to chemical and physical problems in biology and material science.
Specific research interests are:
  • Protein/peptide interactions with/in biological membranes
  • Transmembrane-induced signaling and regulation
  • NMR structure calculation & refinement
  • Modeling and simulation of glycoconjugates (GlycanStructure.ORG)
  • Bacterial outer membranes and interactions with proteins
  • Protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions (G-LoSA)
In addition, we are involved in developing the biomolecular simulation program CHARMM and its user interface CHARMM-GUI as well as ST-analyzer, a general graphical user interface toolset for simulation trajectory analysis.

Teaching Interests:

Computational Biology


For a complete list of publications please visit: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=qp8birIAAAAJ