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The Department of Chemistry is still accepting Graduate Applications for the Fall 2019 semester. To apply, please go to:


The Department of Chemistry will be hosting a Graduate Open House on Saturday, November 17, 2018 in Neville Hall. 

  • Discover Lehigh University
  • Tour our facilities
  • Meet our research active faculty
  • Attend a poster session with current graduate students
  • Have brunch with us at our custom waffle bar
  • Receive an application fee waiver ($75 value)
  • Convenient parking available
Xiaoji Xu

Graduate student Haomin Wang of the Xu Research Group has received the 2018-2019 Roy R. Honor Fellowship.  This fellowship is awarded to a graduate student for original research in metallurgy and inorganic chemistry. 

Congratulations Haomin!

Marcos Pires

Uncovering Bacterial Cell Wall Secrets to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

Marcos Pires

Congratulations to Graduate Student Sean Pidgeon of the Pires’ Research Group!

Sean has been awarded a Graduate Student Research Grant from the College of Arts and Sciences, to support his research efforts. 

Excellent work, Sean!

The Chemistry Department welcomes Dr. Elizabeth Young as Assistant Professor of Chemistry.  A native of Macungie, Pennsylvania, Dr. Young received her B.S. in Chemistry (with a minor in German) from Haverford College.  After spending a year abroad in Germany, she returned  to the U.S. to begin her graduate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the laboratory of Daniel G. Nocera where she conducted research regarding proton-coupled electron transfer in model... Read More

The Department of Chemistry would like to welcome our new graduate students for the 2017-2018 academic year:

Nicholas Boekell, Jennie Cawley, Brianna Dalesandro, Jeffrey Julien, Jiajie Li, Shea Martin, Craig Pointer, Lauren Rusiloski, Chengshuo Tian, and Teng Xue


Lehigh University has accepted Electronic Fluorocarbons (EFC) for participation in the Industrial Liaison program at the Lehigh Chemistry Department.  In addition, the University has appointed EFC’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Robert Syvret, as a University Research Fellow.

The Industrial Liaison program gives industry participants access to the University’s laboratories and other support services and encourages scientific interactions between the University’s staff and students and the... Read More

Congratulations to Dr. Tesia Chciuk of the Flowers Group!  She has became the first Lehigh student to receive the Anna Louise Hoffman Award for Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Research from Iota Sigma Pi, the National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry. The award is given annually to one graduate student in the United States.

Congratulations to the following Department of Chemistry Fellowship Recipients:

2017-2018 Department Fellowships: Chang Wang of the Regen Group and Le Wang of the Xu Group

College of Arts and Sciences Summer 2017 Research Fellowship: Siqi Yu of the Vicic Group

2017-2018 Horner Fellowship: Caleb Wehrmann of the Chen Group

Biosystems Dynamics Summer 2017 Institute Fellowship: Sean Pidgeon of the Pires Group and Ashley Baxter of the Wittenberg Group

... Read More

Six College of Arts and Sciences faculty were recognized for excellence in service and advising when the college hosted its annual faculty awards dinner March 30, 2017 in the University Center’s Asa Packer dining room.

“I continue to be inspired by the service activities produced by our faculty,” said Donald Hall, dean of the college.  “Lehigh’s reputation for academic excellence is not possible without the passion and commitment of our faculty.  As I reviewed the nominees for... Read More

The March for Sciencewas held all throughout the world on Earth Day (Saturday, April 22)! The march demonstrated our passion for science and show our concerns for recent policy changes. The mission was to “unite as a diverse, nonpartisan group to call for science that upholds the common good and for... Read More

Congratulations to our January 2017 graduates, Jonathan Fura, Ph.D., Cong Liu, Ph.D. and Sophia Miotto, M.S.

The Department of Chemistry would like to welcome our new graduate students for the 2016-2017 academic year:

Ashley Baxter, Megan Blauch, Ryan Charlton, Noel Ferraro, Md Reaid Hasan, Devon Jakob, Lucie Loftus, George Ognwae, Eden Reichard, Zhe Wang and Darian Waugh

Congratulations to Kelly Burns of the Thevenin Research Group and Gabrielle Haddad-Weiser of the Flowers Research Group on successfully defending their dissertations this summer!  

Congratulations to Tesia Chciuk of the Flowers Research Group on publishing 

"Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in the Reduction of Carbonyls by Samarium Diiodide–Water Complexes"

in the July 01, 2016 edition of the Journal of the American Chemical Society (

Congratulations to the following Department of Chemistry Fellowship Recipients:

2016-2017 Department Fellowships: Tesia Chciuk of the Flowers Group, Sean Pidgeon of the Pires Group and Sarah Plucinsky of the Glover Group

College of Arts and Sciences Summer Research Fellowship: William Leon of the Vezenov Group

2016-2017 Horner Fellowship: Long Xu of the Vicic Group


Congratulations to our General Chemistry Lab Manager, Professor Denise Beautreau, on being awarded the Alfred Noble Robinson Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff Award whichrecognizes outstanding performance ... Read More

Dr. Marcos Pires has been presented with the American Chemical Society Infectious Disease Young Investigator Award.

Jonathan Fura, Sean Pidgeon, Morgan Birabaharan and Dr. Marcos Pires' research was featured on the cover of the April 8, 2016 ACS Infection Diseases Journal. 

View the article here.

Dr. Rebecca Miller was featured as one of the 25 Impressive Women Who Have Changed Lehigh as part of the 25th Birthday Party Celebration at Lehigh’s Women’s Center this spring.

Dr. Robert Flowers received the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Award for Research, Scholarship and Creative activity for his work in physical organic chemistry and the techniques he has developed. 

David Vicic

The Vicic lab publishes a new way to prepare difluoromethylated arenes in JACS

David Vicic

Douglas Solowey, an undergraduate student in the Vicic lab, was awarded a prestigious 2014 Moissan Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Fluorine Chemistry.  This program is sponsored by the Fluorine Division of the American Chemical Society and provides funds for a student's summer salary and supplies.  It is awarded directly to faculty members conducting research in any area of fluorine chemistry at colleges or universities on the basis of competitively judged applications. In... Read More

Jim Roberts

Congratulations to Jim Roberts, who received the Student Organization Advisor of the Year Award for his work as Faculty Advisor to Alpha Phi Omega.

Jebrell Glover

This highly competitive Professorship recognizes faculty who have achieved the rank of associate professor and have shown excellence in teaching, research, and service. He also received the Eleanor and Joseph F. Libsch Early Career Research Award, honoring a faculty member or members early in their research career demonstrating the potential for high-quality research and scholarship.

David Vicic

Please congratulate Dr. David Vicic, who has been elected as a Vice Chair of the Executive Committee of the American Chemical Society Division of Fluorine Chemistry. 

David Vicic

Peter Kaplan, a graduate student in the Vicic Lab, was a co-winner of the best poster award at the 22nd Winter Fluorine Conference at St. Pete Beach, FL for his poster entitled "New Reagents for (CF2)n Transfer and the Construction of Fluoroalkyl-Containing Rings". Winners were selected by referees from industry and academia and received $250.

Robert Flowers

Congratulations to the following chemistry graduate students awarded departmental fellowships for 2015-2016: Kelly Burns (Thévenin Group), Peter Kaplan (Vicic Group), and Godfred Fianu (Flowers Group).

Please welcome the following new graduate students for the 2015-2016 academic year: Xiang Ao, Caroline Bartulovich, Qingqing Cao, Phillip Esempio, Yu Han, Conor Jenkins, Michael Kerner, Sophia Miotto, Kelcie Molchany, and Haomin Wang.

Damien Thévenin

Damien Thévenin, assistant professor of chemistry, and Ph.D. candidate Kelly Burns are developing a system that delivers anti-cancer drugs exclusively to cancer cells based on the relative acidity of their environments.