Marcos Pires

Associate Professor
Advisor to Undergraduate Biochemistry Majors
(610) 758-2887
Seeley G. Mudd, Room 695
Research Interests: 
Protein oligomerization
Multidrug Resistance
Teaching Interests: 
Bio-organic Chemistry

ACS Infectious Disease Young Investigator Award, 2016

Protein oligomerization, biomaterials, and multidrug resistance

Selected Recent Publications:

Fura J, Sabulski M, Pires M. “D-Amino Acid Mediated Recruitment of Endogenous Antibodies to Bacterial Surfaces.” ACS Chemical Biology (under review).

Wildeman E., Pires M. “Facile Fluorescence-Based Detection of PAD4-Mediated Citrullination.” ChemBioChem (2013) 14, 963-967.

Reig A, Pires M, Snyder RA, Wu Y, Jo H, Kulp D, Calhoun J, Szyperski T, Solomon E, DeGrado W. “Altering The O2-Dependent Reactivity Of De Novo Due Ferri Proteins.” Nature Chemistry (2012) 11, 900-906.

Pires M, Lee JY, Ernenwein D, Chmielewski J. “Controlling the Morphology of Metal-Promoted Higher Ordered Assemblies of Collagen Peptides with Varied Core Lengths.”  Langmuir (2012) 28, 1993-1997.

Pires M, Przybyla D, Rubert Perez CM, Chmielewski J. “Metal-mediated Tandem Co-assembly of Collagen Peptides into Banded Microstructures” J Am Chem Soc (2011) 133, 14469-14471. 

Pires M, Lee JY, Ernenwein, D, Chmielewski J. “Controlling the Morphology of Metal-Promoted Higher Ordered Assemblies of Collagen Peptides with Varied Core Lengths.” Langmuir (In Press).

Pires M, Ernenwein D, Chmielewski J. “Selective Decoration and Release of His-tagged Proteins from Metal-Assembled Collagen Peptide Microflorettes.” Biomacromolecules (2011) 7, 2429-2433.

Namaja H, Emmert D, Pires M, Hrycyna C, Chmielewski J. “Inhibition of P-glycoprotein Transport and Binding Using a Galantamine Dimer.” Biochem Biophys Res Comm. (2009) 388, 672-676.

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Pires M, Chmielewski J. “Self-Assembly of Collagen Peptides into Microflorettes via Metal Coordination.” J Am Chem Soc. (2009) 131, 2706-2712.

Pires M, Chmielewski J. “Fluorescence Imaging of Cellular Glutathione using Latent Rhodamine.” Org Lett. (2008) 10, 837-840.

Pires M, Emmert D, Hrycyna C, Chmielewski J. “Inhibition of P-Glycoprotein-Mediated Taxol Resistance by Reversibly-Linked Quinine Homodimers.” Mol Pharmacol. (2009) 75, 92-100.

Pires M, DeTuri, V. “Structural, Energetic, and Infrared Spectra Insights into Methanol Clusters (CH3OH)n, for n = 2-12, 16, 20. ONIOM as an Efficient Method of Modeling Large Methanol Clusters.” J Chem Theor Comp. (2007) 3, 1073-1082.

Pires M, Hrycyna C, Chmielewski J. “Bivalent Probes of the Multidrug Transporter P-glycoprotein.” Biochemistry (2006) 45, 11695-11702.